Kite Zone ASD is a sports association is born with the aim to promote sport, grouping and the territory by teaching Kitesurf in Sardinia, and its aims are to encourage sports events. This ASD’s headquarters is located in Maddalena Spiaggia, in proximity of Capoterra at 10 minutes from Cagliari. One of the most fascinating and interesting places of the Mediterranean Sea. Kite Zone’s headquarters is a few meters away from the beach, and is the place where lovers and professionals of kitesurfing in Sardinia, if members, can practice this sport thanks to the only communal Kite-Area in Cagliari; with a thermal wind always present, especially in spring, summer and autumn. Kite Zone ASD now for 4 years also has a second location, Punta Trettu, one of the most famous spots in Southern Sardinia in about 30 minutes car from the Kite Area of Cagliari. A lagoon where the wind comes only with the forecasts of Mistral (North West – West) and Scirocco (South – South East). Therefore, during the entire summer season in spring and autumn, it will be a very rare day where you will not be able to kite. The association offers its members assistance on the beach during the whole summer period, it allows you to rent whatever equipment you prefer, to create your own personalised kite lessons and choose among some of the most comfortable and economic Hotels, Apartments and Bed and Breakfast, at the prices that serve you best. Kite Zone is a very close to Cagliari, Capital of Sardinia, it offers a big choice of the best beaches like Chia, Villasimius etc. Also a choice between Bars and Clubs which are very popular. It offers a lot of choice to who is interested in doing boat trips, rent a boat, excursions with Mountain Bikes, a trip to the centre of the Island, a typical lunch or simply a walk in the city. Kite Zone is the place where lovers and professionals of Kitesurfing in Sardinia, as members, can relax; take place to social dinners where we grill fresh fish and local meats; and maybe stay for a vacation. All this a t the end of a windy day, that here never misses.

The Kitezone team - Cagliari KiteSurf School

Davide Porcu


Luca Martinetti

FIV instructor.