Kitesurfing in Chia – Sardinia

The Spot

It does not need large presentations his reputation certainly precedes it . Hardly a beach has such a high percentage of windy days and a broad exposure to the winds so . Virtually no good comes only with the wind.From Cagliari direction Pula – Teulada. Santa Margherita exceeded after about 42 km you will find on the left fork Chia ; continued until the Chia Laguna Resort and arrived in front of its entrance turn left for the beach. Go straight up to a big building behind with an old basketball court disuso.quello is now in the parking lot in the summer is pagamento.Per to get to the beach walk.

He does not need big presentations, but his fame surely precedes him. In the wintertime it is unlikely that a beach has such a high percentage of windy days and an exposure to winds so wide. Practically it does not go out well with the tramontana. Numerous bathers during the summer and summer weekends prohibit the use of kitesurfing. Open all year round on the street is the bar and market Mongittu. In the summer, there are kiosks and establishments along the beach. Typical pizzerias and restaurants are often open only during the summer season from Easter to end in October.


The side walls Grecale is on the left and the form of discrete waves to ride . The east and he often enough to cross but the wave is larger but is also less tidy. From the south side on , but it’s definitely less ordered only when a disturbance enters strong and determined enough . The Libeccio is a bit ‘ rare, arrives on port tack to the right side and raises some good waves. West side side / off, two stories ; one of the summer heat , gusty close to the ground but spectacular off from the island . The other one winter where the western Atlantic disturbance to form waves of almost 3 meters . Unfortunately, the latter condition , however, and not suited to the kite as the wind and current carry out during the winter and there is no assistance to the sea. The Mistral comes very decided and side door off to the right. Here, too, the same discourse of the west exit is not recommended in winter.


In the summer season (1 May 30 September), during the summer, the Wind Wave Club kitesurf school in Chia offers a lift service to practice away from the bathers, ask for Gabriele, while out of season it will be possible to leave directly from the beach.

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