Our Instructors

Bruna Iacuzzi

Iko Instructor

Bruna, a certified IKO instructor, shares her passion for kitesurfing by teaching in Sardinia during the summer and traveling the world during the winter.

During the summer months, Bruna finds her home on the beautiful island of Sardinia, where she shares her skills and experience with kitesurfing enthusiasts. She teaches students of all levels, from beginners who are learning the basics to experts who want to perfect their skills. Sardinia offers ideal conditions for kitesurfing, such as constant winds and open spaces to fully enjoy the experience.

During the winter, Bruna takes the opportunity to travel around the world, bringing her passion for kitesurfing to new places and discovering different cultures. Through her travels, she has the opportunity to explore various destinations with favorable wind conditions, allowing her to experience new spots and exciting challenges.

Being an IKO instructor allows her to combine her love for kitesurfing with her passion for teaching. Bruna is dedicated to providing safe and effective training, ensuring that her students acquire the necessary skills to practice kitesurfing responsibly and enjoyably.

Bruna is grateful to be able to live her dream, teaching kitesurfing in different corners of the world and sharing her passion with others. Whether she is on the beautiful coast of Sardinia or on a new international adventure, Bruna is excited to help others discover the excitement and freedom that kitesurfing can offer.

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