Our Instructors

Davide Calatri

Founder - Federal Instructor

Born in 1969, I am an FIV instructor with a long history in the world of kitesurfing. I am considered one of the pioneers of kitesurfing in southern Sardinia, one of the most fascinating areas for practicing this sport.

My passion for kitesurfing has led me to become an athlete and promoter of Doutone Kiteboarding-Ion, leading brands in the industry. Over the years, I have achieved numerous highly positive placements at the Italian level, demonstrating my skills and experience in wave riding.

I am particularly recognized as one of the most experienced wave riders in kitesurfing. The challenge and adrenaline that the waves offer are what drive me to give my best and push my limits. In 2014, I achieved a remarkable fifth place overall in the Italian wave championship, confirming my dedication and commitment to this discipline.

My long journey in kitesurfing has allowed me to accumulate valuable experience and knowledge, which I strive to pass on to my students and those who want to approach this sport. I am proud to contribute to the spread of kitesurfing and to be a reference point in my community.

I will continue to challenge myself on the waves and participate in competitions at the Italian level, keeping alive my spirit of adventure and competition. I am grateful to be able to make kitesurfing my passion and to share my experience with other enthusiasts of this extraordinary sport.

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