Our Instructors

Davide Porcu

Founder - Federal Instructor

Born in 1987, an FIV instructor, he embarked on the kitesurfing adventure in 2005. He is an athlete and promoter of Doutone Kiteboarding, a leading brand in the industry. Over the years, he has achieved remarkable results in the field of kitesurfing at the Italian level. In 2011, he was the vice champion of Kitecross in Italy and achieved other excellent placements in wave and freestyle disciplines. In 2014, he ranked fourth overall in the Italian wave championship, demonstrating his skills in the discipline. In 2016, he reached fifth place in the final of the Italian wave championship in Chia, a competition that saw the participation of the strongest Italian athletes. In 2018, he obtained a prestigious third place in the kite wave stage of the Italian Fiv championship, which took place in Chia.

He had the privilege of visiting South Africa seven times, with Cape Town as the main destination, and has been to Barbados twice. During these experiences, he had the opportunity to test himself on the waves and capture exciting moments through photography. Below is a gallery of some of his action shots on the waves, along with a video filmed during one of his trips to South Africa.

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