Porto Botte


From Cagliari, Carbonia direction . Without going into town continue towards Sant ‘ Antioco ; you will find along the way with turn left St. John Suergiu , cross the country in the direction Giba and along the road to your right will take you to a branch port cask . At the end of the dirt road and parked after crossing the bridge you will come to the area that the local Kite Michael and Marcolino run.

The Mistral comes from right side-on and definitely the most frequent. Accellara often coming easily at 30 knots. The component comes almost straight from the sea but is usually constant . The north side walls get right but is instead very rafficata . Same fate for the Scirocco but from the left.


Almost like going out into a large lagoon , its covered position to the open sea means that the water is always flat or at least a little ‘ ciopposa.It leaves all year round, but during the summer only use the Kite area questoi avoid problems with wet and fishermen. Common sense and respect the usual rules will certainly help to keep the spots accessible and fun . For any further information for the local excellence are Michael, Alexander, and Walter Marcolino . Bar on the beach.


In the summer season (1 May 30 September), it’s available kitesurfing only in the kite area in la Maddalena Spiaggia 15 mins to Cagliari, Pula direction. The only KITESURF AREA authorized near Cagliari.Nine miles of beach to the south. In the winter completely usable even if we prefer segnalere two spots practically at the two ends of the promenade.

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