Test Naish Pivot 2015

Naish Pivot Test 2015
Date: 30/8/2014
Location: Porto Suedda
Condition: Variable Wind, Morning 15 /18 knots pm 22/27 knots.
Active sea wave about half a meter.
Rider: Luca Martinetti
Finally after a long wait I had the chance to try the new Naish Pivot 2015.
During the morning the wind was not so much so I used the 10 mt. The immediate feeling was to have an easy, soft wing on the bar, comfortable, very responsive and fast so great for the freeride and for those who may not be very experienced yet.
Moving myself later on in the formed sea part I realized some important differences with the wings I usually use, such as the Park.
The Pivot is definitely faster and more straightforward, stays solid in the window and is stable, but the feature that makes the difference is the continuity of traction and accompaniment during the bottom and the chance to arrive at speed and power at the top of the ‘wave. The loop is strong but continuous in such a way as to recover traction in case of speed loss on the wave. Impressed, thanks to the reinsertion of the front row slider, depower capacity: by pushing all the bar up, the sail completely waves, but floats in the air without dropping or reversing. Clearly restarting from immediate water by pulling only one of the directional leads.
Fortunately in the afternoon the wind got up and I was able to try the 6 m, wonderful! It moves fast as a 5 with more traction when needed, fast stable and even under burst, total depower as the big one. The wave follows you perfectly during the whole surf. The wind probably arrived at 30 knots of burst but no peoblema. Even more sharp and awesome as you can close the curve radius making the bottom to be fast and powerful on the lip!
First official test perfectly successful and positive.
In conclusion I would say good result, promoted with full marks.
Good wind at all
Luca Martinetti

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