Test North Dice 2014

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Kite North DICE 2014, mt 10

Tried the new kite of the North Kiteboarding DICE, mt 10. It’s a very handy, fast and soft kite on the bar. Remember a little about Neo 2013 as a form, for its structure of 3 bladders, but it is softer and more powerful. We tested it in windy conditions with windy winds of 22-23 knots. In the first condition being very fast it allows you to plan without any difficulty, while in the second, when you are fast, you are immediately aware of the kite’s odds especially when we try to jump because it pulls so high, far more than the Neo .
It’s a new kite so it’s still tested, especially on the waves, but it’s an easy and enjoyable kite in the freeride and the freestyle strapless, because stretching your arms on the bar so much.

Prompted without any shadow, we now look forward to testing the smaller measures that will surely be even faster and more fun.

It is available for testing along with many other kite kites in North Kiteboarding 2014, at kite school site, Kitezone Sardinia.

Davide P.


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