Test North Dice 2016

Review Dice North 2016

Location: La Maddalena Beach (Cagliari).
Kite: North Dice 2016 4 lines bar.
Size: 10 meters.

The new Dice 2016 comes with a form a little more accentuated by “C” kite, its first use seems slightly faster than its predecessor and more powerful when approaching the power-zones.
A kite suitable for anyone who is approaching the freestyle-wakestyle and also for those who want to start his first jumps with Surfino or with twintip. A perfect freeride kite, which is fine with light wind and the wind stronger.
The bridle system has remained the same compared to 2015, so that when your arms are relaxed kite foil completely, because the kite is well suited for the surf the wave, even for those who move a little more in the kite surfed.

The 4 lines 2016 bar presents a new emergency system on the front left, with a reinforcement on the cable that runs when the kite goes in emergency.

What to say, a kite perfectly successful, use 4-5 lines, we just have to try it maybe better on some waves.

Greetings to all

David P.

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