Test North Neo 2016

Review North Neo 2016

Spot: La Maddalena Spiaggia, Chia e Platamona.
Kite: North Neo 9 mt e 7 mt 5 mt 4 lines bar 2016.
Misura: 9, 7 e 5 meters.

Probably the kite most comprehensive and easy to use ever produced by the North-Kiteboarding. The Neo 2016 immediately appears as a kite stable and fast, with more power but also a very large depower that can defuse a lot of the kite.
Compared to 2015, the kite has a shot a little more determined but being fastest allows any situation to be more responsive.
Tried on the waves with wind conditions onshore, side and side-off. In the wave, the kite is always the most powerful of the North Kiteboarding and always manages to follow the wave even when the cables are not fully stretch.
When we try to do some jumps strapless or with twintip holds much in the air (hang time), so it helps so much and more margin of error for those who do not the maneuvers ended with great fluency.
Very easy even for those who are learning because it allows you to go with light wind and stand in the water with a lot of wind due to its large range.
The bar 2016 to 4 cables presents a new emergency system on the front left, with a reinforcement on the cable that runs when the kite goes in emergency.

Greetings to all

Davide P.

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