Where to kitesurf in Sardinia

Where to kitesurf in Sardinia

Discover the best kitesurfing spots in Sardinia based on the time of year. Plan your kite vacation on the crystal-clear waters of Sardinia.


Sardinia offers numerous ideal kitesurfing spots during the summer months (May, June, July, August, and September), but only a few officially permit this practice. La Maddalena Spiaggia, located in the municipality of Capoterra, is one such spot, thanks to its designated Kitesurf area. La Maddalena Spiaggia is renowned for its thermal wind, which ensures the highest percentage of wind during the summer months. In August 2016, there were windy conditions for an impressive 29 out of 31 days. Furthermore, northern winds like the Maestrale blow on average for about 7-8 days a month, making Punta Trettu and Is Solinas our preferred spots for moving to the west coast. During the winter months, southeast winds make Chia our favorite spot. For beginners or those looking to enhance their kitesurfing skills, the top locations are undoubtedly La Maddalena Spiaggia, Is Solinas, and Punta Trettu. Not only is the wind favorable, but the wave motion is practically non-existent.


The difference between La Maddalena Spiaggia spot and Punta Trettu or Is Solinas goes beyond the percentage of windy days. At La Maddalena Spiaggia, the thermal wind never exceeds 20 knots, while at Punta Trettu, it can reach over 30 knots with the Maestrale wind. This aspect is crucial for those who are learning or aiming to progress safely, as winds exceeding 22 knots can be dangerous for those with less kite experience.


Before choosing where to spend your kitesurfing holidays in Sardinia, Kitezone recommends that you gather information carefully. During the summer period, we suggest staying close to Cagliari and adjusting your location based on the wind. La Maddalena Spiaggia is only 10 km away from Cagliari, while Punta Trettu and Is Solinas are over 70 km away. In the winter months (October, November, December, January, February, March, and April), you can enjoy the freedom of kitesurfing in various spots like Villasimius, Costa Rei, Poetto, Funtanamare, and Porto Pino.

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