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Windsurf School in Cagliari and Costa Rei, Sardinia. Promote and teach windsurf while having fun. Group courses for children and adults.
What is Windsurfing?
As the word itself suggests, windsurfing is the union of two wonderful water sports: sailing and surfing. By using a sail, the force of the wind is exploited to propel the board, which thus manages to free itself from the grip of the water in which it is immersed by literally flying over it, that is, gliding! It is this last step that releases a mix of emotions with a high adrenaline content, leading to the inevitable condition of "wind dependence".
What is the difference between wave, slalom and freestyle?
Windsurfing is divided into three macro categories: wave, speed and freestyle. Wave is the oldest branch of this sport and is the link between surfing and windsurfing. It is about "surfing" the waves, as in surfing, but also using the force of the wind to accelerate and be able to face these natural structures created by water as a launching pad for evolutions as high as they are fast. The most popular specialty among sprinters is the "slalom". The term derives from the path taken during competitions and that is in a series of buoys to be passed to the right and left as if you were having a ski race between the poles, making a slalom. Freestyle is the freest expression of movement on a sailboard. This discipline consists of various maneuvers performed on all body axes in search of the most spectacular figure. This creates crossings of sails, boards and athletes in flight between air and water.
At what age can you start?
Windsurfing can be practiced by everyone and at all ages, from 7 to 100 years old. If you love water and the outdoors, don't hesitate, try it!
Do you need specific athletic training to go windsurfing?
You don't need any particular physical skills to start having fun and with today's materials there is something for everyone. The school boards are very large and easy to use to facilitate learning as much as possible, the sails are increasingly lighter as well as all related equipment. These new materials therefore help the learning and development of strength, endurance and balance without the need for specific athletic training.
How can I get started?
The best way to start is to take a basic course where you can learn the essential notions of theory, technique and wind through the use of suitable material. This is very important because windsurfing is a sport full of variables that you learn to manage gradually. Having a solid starting point drastically reduces learning times by increasing safety but above all fun.
How many lessons does it take to be autonomous?
It is quite subjective and depends a lot on personal experiences. Autonomy is generally achieved in a week of course, but not total mastery of the tool.

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  • 1 student 50 euro (equipment included)
  • 2 students 40 Euro x2 (equipment included)


  • 1 student 140 euro (equipment included)
  • 2 students 100 euro x2 (equipment included)


  • 1 Student 240 Euro (equipment included)
  • 2 Students 180 Euro x2 (equipment included)

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