Windsurf School

Windsurf School in Cagliari, Sardinia. Promote and teach windsurf while having fun. Group courses for children and adults.
What is Windsurfing?
As the name suggests, windsurfing is the combination of two wonderful water sports: sailing and surfing. By using a sail, the power of the wind is harnessed to propel the board, allowing it to break free from the water's grip and literally fly over it, known as planing. It is this exhilarating stage that unleashes a mix of high-adrenaline emotions, leading to the inevitable "wind addiction."
What is the difference between wave, slalom, and freestyle?
Windsurfing is divided into three main categories: wave, slalom, and freestyle. Wave is the oldest branch of this sport and serves as the link between surfing and windsurfing. It involves "surfing" the waves, just like in traditional surfing, but with the added utilization of wind power to accelerate and tackle these natural water structures as launch ramps for high-speed maneuvers. Slalom, the most popular specialty among speed enthusiasts, derives its name from the course followed during competitions, which includes passing a series of buoys to the right and left, resembling a slalom race in skiing. Freestyle is the most liberating expression of movement on a windsurfing board. This discipline consists of various maneuvers performed in all body axes, aiming to achieve the most spectacular figures. It creates a dynamic combination of sails, boards, and athletes soaring through the air and water.
At what age can you start?
Windsurfing can be practiced by individuals of all ages, from 7 to 100 years old. If you love water and the open air, don't hesitate—give it a try!
Do you need specific athletic preparation for windsurfing?
You don't need any particular physical abilities to start having fun, and modern equipment offers options for everyone's taste. Beginner boards are large and easy to use, maximizing the learner's experience, while sails and related gear are becoming lighter. These advancements in equipment aid learning, as well as the development of strength, endurance, and balance, without requiring specific athletic preparation.
How can I get started?
The best way to begin is by taking a basic course where you can learn essential knowledge of theory, technique, and wind, using suitable equipment. This is crucial because windsurfing is a sport with various variables that are gradually learned and managed. Having a solid foundation significantly reduces learning time and increases both safety and enjoyment.
How many lessons does it take to become independent?
It varies depending on individual experiences. Generally, autonomy can be achieved within a week of training, although total mastery of the equipment may take longer.

Windsurf school spot




  • 1 student 50 euro (equipment included)
  • 2 students 40 Euro x2 (equipment included)


  • 1 student 140 euro (equipment included)
  • 2 students 100 euro x2 (equipment included)


  • 1 Student 240 Euro (equipment included)
  • 2 Students 180 Euro x2 (equipment included)

Our Team

Davide Porcu

Founder - Federal Instructor

Luca Martinetti

Founder - Federal Instructor

Davide Calatri

Founder - Federal Instructor

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