Wing Foil School

Wing Foil School in Sardinia, Cagliari. Groups and individual lessons with federal Saling Istructors
What is Wing Foil?
Wing Foil is a sport that was born a few years ago. People who practice this sport are increasing with an impressive speed because in addition to being fun it is also relatively easy to learn, especially when compared to other disciplines. Like almost all water sports that involve the use of a board, the Wing Foil was also born in the Hawaiian Islands. If in some ways it may seem similar to Windsurfing with which it certainly has points of contact, it differs from them because in the Wing Foil the leading wing is released from the board. Thanks to this characteristic, the sail can remain, if desired, completely foiled leaving complete freedom to the rider. The feeling of riding waves or small chops will be much more satisfying because you are pushed only by the force of the water, just like in surfing. In addition, the hydrodynamic efficiency of the foil, which in this sport is very generous in size, allows you to glide even at low speeds.
Wing foil lessons
Beginner course 8 lessons Our Wing Foil courses have been structured to be usable by everyone: who already have experience with sailing and water sports, and for beginners, who have no experience in this sector. Precisely for this reason, the lessons will be differentiated according to the type of previous experience and skills of the student, in order to optimize the hours of the course and avoid investing time in carrying out exercises for the development of coordination skills already in the students' possession. For example, the Wing Foil course aimed at a person who practices kite foil and who already has both the ability to balance and a good sensitivity on the wing during gliding, will mainly focus on managing the "wing" in various gaits and will be different from that aimed at a neophyte of sailing or water sports, who will have to develop these skills too. Lessons are taught by qualified instructors, respecting the strictest safety standards and using state-of-the-art materials essential for easy learning. The basic course for beginners is developed in 5 individual lessons where the goal is to put the student in a position to know how to use the wing well with particular attention to the safety part and to start with the foil.

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Wing foil School


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  • 1 student 70 Euro (equipment included)
  • 2 students 50 Euro (equipment included)


  • 1 student 200 Euro (equipment included)
  • 2 students 130 Euro (equipment included)


  • 1 student 360 Euro (equipment included)
  • 2 students 250 Euro (equipment included)

Team Kitezone

Davide Porcu

Founder - Federal Instructor

Luca Martinetti

Founder - Federal Instructor

Davide Calatri

Founder - Federal Instructor

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